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In all these years JARA Studio has covered all audiovisual sectors: TV shows, TV news, video, recording and performing live and delayed events, corporate videos, documentaries, commercials, concerts, photography, music TV and movies, sporting events, TV, online, radio, graphic design, photography, animation, voice … we have also produced a big number of short films and already have 6 awards and mentions in some festivals around the country. Therefore, in JARA Studio we specialize in nothing … and everything. Whatever it’s your project, JARA Studio makes it happen at the best possible price.


In JARA Studio we know the audiovisual media and its possibilities within our island. Therefore, and to have direct contact with all media, we can advise and give you the ultimate accolade for a product that has the best launch, according to their characteristics and needs. We handle all fulfillment, post- production and broadcast, but you and your company will be always behind every step.

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    Today, one of the most effective tools to broadcast your music, whether you’re solo or become part of a band, is a video clip. As you know, Ibiza is a unique place to make this type of production. We put everything to make your music sound yours with the best pictures. We can develop your idea or make the script ourselves. Like you prefer. We also guarantee for informational distribution of TV and radio media, and news coverage from the time of the shooting. Do not hesitate. Having an absolutely professional video will make you stand out from your competition, and it costs much less than you think, thanks to JARA Studio.

    An even cheaper option is to record a live performance with multi-camera. It picks up sound directly from soundboard, with another own table background music that gives the best results. And we guarantee the distribution. In addition, it can be an excellent complement to your disk: DVD disc, the perfect formula.

    The best way to promote your show is a complete video recording and a professional – very important – clear audio to be shown to developers and get hired. No matter if it is a play, a concert, a musical, dance, an speech… with JARA Studio you can have your show recorded entirely from 100 €.

    Another option, that is maybe even more commercial, is record fully and then edit a trailer showing the best scenes: the most spectacular, most moving them… you choose them, ultimately. All accompanied by music and graphics, and even voice-over for the trailer to make your show look like a Hollywood movie or a Broadway show.

    Without doubt, the most booming sector of the video is commercial videos, with all its variants. If a few years ago it was said that did not exist if you were not on the Net, now you can say you do not exist unless you have a promotional video for your company on the net. It is also the best option to move your brand social networks by them, because once you start throwing your video to the network, it will begin to spread like wildfire. It is what is known as the phenomenon of viral video. These formats, but constantly reinvent themselves and give rise to millions of possibilities. In JARA Studio we adjust the format your business needs, always focused profile of your potential customers.

    We can also offer you the possibility to integrate it into your page or design one according to your needs and your corporate image. And also take care to locate it in the highest positions of Internet search engines (SEO). For more information on this, you can go to the tab “Design”.

    If your job is to organize events, whether parties in discos, clubs or ships, conventions, festivals, raves, etc… you know perfectly that your product have continuity and get consolidated as a reference in your industry, you need invest in promotion. And a very essential part of this promotion is to have a great video with an elegantly display of all what you can have and enjoy at your event.

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    Perhaps the sector which most differentiates itself JARA Studio is in film production. 6 awards and mentions in many festivals around the state guarantee it. If you have a good script, you can contact us and we will do everything possible to realize it. As always we advise on all subsidies, grants, contests… put all our technical and human resources to make your story come true, as we have done with many.


      In JARA Studio also enables you to edit your record with a fully professional manner and distribution media (radio, television, press…) running from our own. In our studies you’ll find everything you want to record your music: instruments, mixers, microphones… and the most importantly: professional with years of experience in the sector.

      If your project is more focused on the image, but you need a soundtrack according to this, we handle under your supervision, the writing, arranging, mastering and, if you like, editing the video itself. Every image needs your background sound and we know which is, either a documentary, a short film, a TV series…

      In our studio we also have voices that can give your product the truth you need, well be for documentaries, commercials or radio spots. They are all professionals speech and radio world, and we can recorded by ourselves in our studios. You only have to give us the script and we do the rest.


        In the age of the picture, is a must for any competitive company have a corporate image consistent with your product and with the times. In JARA Studio we take care of all your image campaign. Our designers will advise and guide you in designing logos, banners, advertising in the press and the whole image of your business.

        The phrase “you’re nobody if you’re not on the network” can not be more successful day today. But not worth to be anyway. In JARA Studio will design a personalized website in sync with you, taking charge of hosting and domain purchase, so you only have to worry about your business. We do the rest.

        We also take care of web-casting and social networking, SEO, and we can design a strategic plan for continuous dissemination of your offer.

        3D Animation

        Of course, JARA Studio also has the best professionals specializing in new technologies, which may apply to your product, whatever: advertising, film, television, music video…


        The static image is also a very interesting tool to promote your product, either to show the benefits of their local, to position and promote the virtues of their environment, or simply to locate it on the map. And if your product is a visual show, no doubt that we will draw the most spectacular snapshots to make a personalized and attractive book for you to promote your event.

        We also make books for actors, models and artists in general. Promote yourself with the best image.

        Makeup and Characterization 3D

        JARA Studio is the only company of Ibiza in this  sector, in increasing demand nowadays. Whether the need is naturalistic or makeup like effects, distortions, dentures, or any other you can think of, we can make it happen in your imagination to reality in just a moment. This also can be applied to any audiovisual or photographic product.